March 19, 2007

An open question

Today I had a delicious cup of orange-spiced red tea, and lo and behold, the tea bags were of the variety that has quotes attached. I enjoy such things, and so read the quote before unwinding after a day of paper-induced stress.

The quote? "Anything too stupid to be said is sung" - Voltaire (1697-1778)

At first I was semi-offended by this quote, saw it as an affront to music, and brushed off the slight sting before taking the first sip, but then it got me thinking. Song lyrics are a way to get across sentiments we wouldn't exactly express in everyday speech. Some lyrics, if said, would result in odd, awkward conversation snippets.

Can we come up with any fun examples?

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Doughnutman said...

your friends tell you I'm difficult, well so are they. Avril Lavine