March 19, 2007

Join the Warchild Army

U.K. based charity Warchild is building an army of people like you and me; people who want to lead the fight on the ground for the millions of children whose lives are ravaged by war and who are powerless to stop it.

As a complement to Sophia's magnificent review of Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, a former child soldier, here's the call out:

War destroys children's lives. They lose friends, family, homes and education. Many end up living on the streets, turning to crime or getting involved in fighting itself. War Child is building an army to fight against these injustices.

Join Akala, Corinne Bailey Rae, Lostprophets and Feeder. Become our latest recruit.
Now you know the cause. How about the mission:
Your Orders:

1) Identify yourself as a member of our army. Get your dog tags for only £2 at HMV stores across the UK and wear them with pride.

2) Find out more. Visit to check out our projects or befriend us on MySpace.

3) Make a donation. Text 'warchild' to 84424 to donate £1.50 or visit our website to become a regular donor.
Oh you don't know about Warchild? Because you see, these folks have been putting your favorite tunes right at your fingertips (and eardrums) while helping countless victims of armed conflicts at the same time. War Child Music should be a regular stop on your daily Internet commute if it's not already. Imagine tracks by bands like Feeder, Radiohead, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, etc, etc, etc. One part ass-kickin rock n' roll, one part hope and healing for children, equals rocking it for a better world. And really, what can be better than that?

Read Ishmael Beah, have your heart ripped from your chest, support Warchild, listen to some sweet beats, have your heart put back together again.

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