April 21, 2007

Save Wolves and Hear Nature!

It's a great feeling when you know that a small action you take can make a huge and important difference to the world, and at the same time you can get something a little bit more:

Save America's Wolves are currently running a campaign and here is how it works. You spread the word about wolf slaughter and as a reward you get a free mp3 download of The Samples' "Nature."

Hundreds of wolves could be killed in Idaho and Wyoming if they lose their protected status under the Endangered Species Act. Help us send 200,000 comments in favor of protecting wolves -- Spread the word!

Orange Tell a Friend Button

Urge 3 friends to oppose the Bush/Cheney Administration’s reckless plan to de-list gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, and you’ll get a free music download of “Nature” by the Samples.

It's that easy - free bangin' new music to help protect one of the world's most beautiful creatures. So why are you still reading this?

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