April 21, 2007

Hey Spidey, U2 Can Be A Broadway Star

That's not AOL speak, either - according to AOL Entertainment News:

Marvel Studios is putting the pieces together for a musical on the Great White Way starring the popular superhero.

Julie Taymor, who won Tonys for direction and costume design for the Broadway production of "The Lion King," will direct, with U2's Bono and The Edge creating new music and lyrics for the project.

Auditions are taking place, and a reading is scheduled for the summer. No dates for a Broadway opening have been set.
What's on this reporter's mind is how they're going to handle the mouth-covering mask. A mouthhole would look dumb (unless you do a torn mask, middle of the fight kinda thing), but you don't want to be muffled.

But with U2 lyrics behind a powerhouse superhero story, this could be a lot of fun. Sing with me now: "Loooong ago/my uncle saiiiid to me/With greeeat power/comes great responsiBIIIIILLLity"

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