February 13, 2007

Spring training starts today

Some of the most glorious words you can hear are "pitchers and catchers report today," as today is the opening day of spring training for several Major League Baseball teams. And in honor of this I give you my fantasy baseball team.

1st Base - Mark Texeria - One of the last few Gold Gloves in the AL and a rather good hitter.

2nd Base - Stacy's Mom - She's got it going on.

SS - Plastic Man - Who wouldn't want to have a guy that has literally complete range?

3rd Base - Alex Rodriguez - Best position player in baseball.

Right Field - Ichiro Suzuki - Great arm, patient batter, and great eye. Not to mention he is from Japan and thus adds some international appeal.

Center Field- The Flash - Your center fielder has to be fast and no one is faster then the Flash.

Left Field - Manny Ramirez - The man really should be a DH, but he isn't, so he gets to play in our outfield. The man is amazing, all he does is play amazing every year.

Starting Pitcher - Superman - The man has a real heater.

Catcher - Republican slime/noise machine - They never miss anything.


Tent Time said...

I'd say your catcher should be Andy Dick, and I won't both explaining why.

Also as your closer: Christina Aguilera. Why? Because she's hot.

Doughnutman said...

I hadn't thought about closer, christia Auugilera could work, but I'd probably push her down to set-up woman and close with the greatest closer of all time thats right world war II.