February 2, 2007

Dandelion Blow

Sometimes, it's easy to overlook an artist when they don't make a press release about a new album. This is unfortunate, as many amazing songs by artists have been soundtrack-only releases. Do you know "Neither Of Us Can See" by Incubus? How about "A320" by Foo Fighters? The first one is off Stealth and the second Godzilla. Tori Amos released "Carnival" specifically on the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack. Ask any Tori fan about this song, and many will shrug their shoulders.

Franz Ferdinand is joining these ranks with new song "Dandelion Blow," to be soundtracked on upcoming British movie Hallam Foe. Says Alex Kapranos on Franz Ferdinand's official MySpace page:

I've put a new song on this page. We wrote it a couple of months ago as a theme for a Scottish film called Hallam Foe, directed by David Mackenzie who directed Young Adam and Asylum. The title character is played by Jamie Bell who was the lead in Billy Elliot.

Sexual tension, voyeurism, dark humour, Scotland and death are themes of the film - all of which seem good ingredients for a song by the Ferdinand. Nick and I read the script and went to screenings of early edits in the Glasgow Film Theatre which gave us the ideas for the melody and lyrics. Other Domino artists appear on the soundtrack including Psapp, Unpoc and Sons & Daughters.

The film will be realeased some time this year and will be appearing at the Berlin Film Festival. There's a blog that has been kept by Colin Monie here http://www.getyourpeople.com/ if you want to read more.

The track is a departure from Franz's typical dance-rock sound and is more along the lines of their tracks such as "Eleanor Put Your Boots On". You can preview the new track on Franz Ferdinand's Official MySpace page.

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