May 1, 2007

Save Internet Radio!

So I don't know how you feel about petitions, but as we are a site dedicated to media and society, I felt this was a good place to make a plea. Please save Internet radio.

Internet radio holds a special place in my heart. Pandora is a prime example. Where else can you find amazing bands that are otherwise on the fringe by just attaching a big name with a similar sound? A good 25% of my collection is bands that are not played on the radio, and other than word of mouth, there are few places to find hidden treasures.

If Internet radio disappears then all potential acts suffer. Let's face it, unless your sound fits into the zeitgeist, there are few chances to thrive on the radio or music television. The Top 40 Format essentially recycles the same hit songs consistently, increasing their hit power which feeds into the cycle. Music should not be like Reaganomics, where the already popular songs are the ones being continually sold.

So please, save internet radio.

We've got some exciting things coming up! Look for a review of "American Doll Posse" soon!

1 comment:

Throttleback said...

Internet Radio and Blogging takes the power of hit making out of the hands of programmers and back into the hands of the "dj's". it has been 30 years since that has happened and the middle men that make their money from programming can't have that.