May 22, 2007

New Music Alert: Collective Soul


The first single from their upcoming as-yet-untitled new album due in August has hit the 'net (that means MySpace) and will be impacting radio, as much as radio can be impacted these days, imminently as well.

In other CS news, the band will embark on a trifecta bill with Live and Counting Crows, hitting minor league baseball parks all across the country in a series dubbed - are you ready for this - The Rock N' Roll Triple Play Ballpark Tour. Who's the person who comes up with the names for these tours? Thank you, Captain Obvious, for leaving absolutely no confusion about what the nature of the event is (Rock N' Roll) , how many performers there will be (Triple Play), and where it takes place (Ballpark Tour). You got the pun in there, but frankly even that wasn't that good.

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