April 5, 2007

Year Zero Revealed!

This is it. Trent has unveiled his concept album magnum opus for public consumption (at least, until you can buy it for yourselves on April 17, which you should all do of course, because for fuck's sake this deserves it).

Check out the goods at yearzero.nin.com.

Meanwhile, Gigwise has this unhinged interview with the man himself discussing his personal demons, his passions, and the inspiration behind and relevance of Year Zero:

“As I’ve watched this unfold so far,” he confesses. “It’s been rewarding to me as the author and artist to see some interesting dialogue and discussions going on between the community out there of, not only the concepts but also how they are rooted in what’s happening today. At the end of the day I think a nice benefit of making a record like this is, morally, I think if a handful of people pay attention to what’s happening right now I think that’s a good thing.”

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