April 11, 2007

What Could Have Been: A Question For Concertgoers

I'm sure that many of us have had amazing concert experiences. I've been blessed in the past seven years to make up for all the earlier lost time, trying to hit on average one show every season (p.s. tri-show comparison to come in a later post). In the opportunities that we've finally gotten to see our bands, I'm sure that many of you have walked out in total awe of the set list - the way it was put together, the song choices (especially the non-singles that as a fan you feel privileged to enjoy), openers, closers and encores.

But something nags. Even with the sheer anticipation of seeing certain bands, we can't help but build some hopes of songs they'll play. Sure, the concert was amazing, but where was [x]?

So now I'm going to ask you to dig into your collective unconscious and finally get off the chest the minor disappointments of missed material. In the shows you've seen, what songs do you feel were looked over?

I'll start. I have a few here.

Queens Of The Stone Age: "The Sky Is Falling" and "In My Head"
I can understand missing "The Sky Is Falling" but a) It's my favorite QOTSA song (seriously, just listen to its epic wonder) and b) It would have been a perfect opener. "Go With The Flow" was awesome to start on, but TSIF would have killed. It has this slow sweeping beginning with a tense buildup that explodes. Still, understandable. But "In My Head"? Their recent single at the time? I give them props for not feeling the need to play their single, but it was my second favorite, the song I was obsessed with at the time, and they got my hopes up by releasing it as a single a few weeks before we saw them. Not cool, man.

Bloc Party: "Two More Years" and "The Price Of Gas"
Same exact scenario. "Price Of Gas" would have been an opening on par with Muse's "Apocalypse Please". Start with the marching sound. Make it dark. Make it tense. Blow the hell out of it. And "Two More Years" had a rare distinction of being a successful non-album single. They really could have gone places with it. Drummer Matt Tong started the beginning riff but cut it short.

Ours: any song I actually know. (i.e. "Leaves," "Meet Me In The Tower," "Fallen Souls," etc.)
I'm sure Ours played a wonderful set. I just couldn't recognize it.

Finger Eleven: "Thousand Mile Wish"
Part of me was glad they didn't play this song, but still it would have been pretty sweet, and probably could have replaced the awkward "Change The World".

OK Go: "Shortly Before The End"
It probably wouldn't have translated well in concert, but made for a perfect set-up to "Return" (which they also didn't play the second time we saw them).

So that's all I have for now. I really have one more that I can "sea" but I'm sure Joyful Girl will chime in with that sentiment. Feel free to share your thoughts!


Joyful Girl said...

Wow, you read my mind! How uncanny.

The Shins: "Sea Legs"
As mentioned in my review, I would have loved if the Shins busted this out at MSG. We were in fact on the edge of our seats waiting for it. This would have been a treat because it's an amazing song and really shows how they have branched out musically, and it's just a fun tune that I'm sure would have been fun in concert. It would have blended nicely with so many of the songs in their set, or fit sweetle in the encore. My theory is that they might have been concerned about die-hard indie fans not appreciating the reggae-ish direction the song took. But still. Alas, alas, and alack.

Doughnutman said...

Breaking Benjamin no cover.

They put on a great show but I would have loved a cover.