April 18, 2007

Save the Pand(or)as!

Pandora Internet Radio is a great place to find new music. By simply entering bands or artists you're into, you can create a personal station that plays sonically similar music. Not only can you encounter new tunes, you also get to know your own musical taste, its threshold, and the way in which it can branch out. The day I learned that "mild syncopation" was a recurring theme in the music I enjoyed was one of great discovery, although I mostly just enjoyed the fancy term.

Unfortunately, sites like Pandora are in danger as the Copyright Royalty Board has decided to nearly triple their licensing fees. The price to maintain such sites will be higher than what it takes to keep satellite radio alive, although the sites (at least Pandora) already happily pay royalties to the artists they feature.

The SaveNet Radio Coalition has been formed in response, and they've formulated a petition we can sign to help keep such a democratic, convenient form of music enjoyment and discovery.

In an unsure musical climate in which digital music is a sort of brave new forefront and radio is quickly becoming a wasteland, it's important that we have a voice. Go to it! The site, the petition, and the determined place in the mind that loves music for the people, chosen by the tastes of the people.

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Doughnutman said...

Another reason why this is bad is because this ruiling shows that the copyrights board cares more about profits in the short term then art and profits in the long term.