April 4, 2007

MTV Does Something Right

Actually, MTV does a few things right. Namely Subterranean, an hour block of purely indie and underground music videos, the Leak, streaming album previews before their release, and believe it or not (I hardly do) live performances like this one:

Augustana live at (the critically ill) TRL.

and this:

The Academy Is... live at the (who still cares about?) MTV Spring break.

See MTV, you don't have to suck. I mean, as cool as whiny, spoiled, and pretty teenagers from California are (and OMG do I pine for their pampered lifestyles!) it's all about the music. It's always been about the music. Take the hint, MTV. We've been trying for 5 years now. You gave us MTV2 and that started out great, but of course it didn't last. What the hell is Bam's Unholy Union anyway? Not like it matters.

At moments like this, though, it really brings back the MTV love.

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