March 21, 2007

Movie Review: I Think I Love My Wife

When it comes to making movies, there are three people who are most responsible: the writer, the director and the main star. When these roles are all performed by the same person, as with Chris Rock in I Think I Love My Wife, things get missed, because there is not another pair of eyes looking out for things. This, I assume, also makes the filming much easier as there is just one voice and one vision to see to fruition. This movie is thus a story about Chris Rock, while the characters and surrounding environment are just there because movies require them.

To be honest, I was underwhelmed by this movie. I was expecting a Chris Rock movie and I got a typical romantic comedy. And I'm sure that is exactly what Chris Rock had in mind. I was hoping the movie was laugh-out-loud funny and that there would a line or two I could quote to people about the movie, but nope, there is none of this. This was a movie about what Chris Rock thinks about marriage. I feel that Rock squanders the opportunity he has with the cast he has. Steve Buscemi and Gina Torres (not to mention my man Steven A. Smith.) are just there because you can't have a movie with just one person.

If you like romantic comedies, you'll like this movie.

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