March 29, 2007

Interactive Time! Soundtrack Fun

Info on the "Spider-Man 3" soundtrack was recently released and it provided a Killer lineup. Pun intended: according to, the tracklisting looks as follows:

"Signal Fire," Snow Patrol
"Move Away," the Killers
"Sealings," Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Pleased To Meet You," Wolfmother
"Red River," the Walkmen
"The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be in Love," Flaming Lips
"Scared of Myself," Simon Dawes
"The Twist," Chubby Checker
"Sight Lines," Rogue Wave
"Summer Day," Coconut Records
"Falling Star," Jet
"Portrait of a Summer Thief," Sounds Under Radio
"A Letter To St. Jude," Wasted Youth Orchestra
"Small Parts," the Oohlas
In light of this wonderful cacophony of new hits, I got to thinking: What would the ideal adaptation soundtrack be?

Here's where you come in. I'm asking you to imagine yourself as the producer and soundtrack coordinator for the adaptation of your choice. It can be a superhero story that has not been done, it can be a Dan Brown book, it can be a modernization of Pride And Prejudice. Whatever you want.

So your questions are:
1. What are you adapting?
2. Who's starring in it?
3. Who's on the soundtrack? (Or if it's fully scored, who is the composer?)
4. Are they brand new songs or already released?
4a. If they're brand new, why did you pick these particular artists/composers?
4b. If they're already released songs, why did you pick these particular songs?

Try to put some thought into this one, and then post your response as a reply. You have total creative control and I'm very interested to see the way that you, the reader, think and plan. Most of all, have fun with it!


Joyful Girl said...

This is so exciting I can barely stand it. Here we go:

1. What are you adapting? I'm adapting 1984. It's been done before but I want to do it with a more modern spin, and as an excuse to put together a relevant soundtrack.

2. Who's starring in it? I would put that question into the hands of people more familar with actors. The lead actor (Winston) has to be brooding and passionate, an actor that has taken on some dark roles in his career. I wouldn't want the lead actress (Julia) to be a placeholder without acting talent or experience with serious material.

3. Who's on the soundtrack? (Or if it's fully scored, who is the composer?)
4. Are they brand new songs or already released?

The soundtrack is as follows. They are songs that have already been released:

"Throw It All Away" - Zero 7
"80 Windows" - Nada Surf
"Uniform" - Bloc Party
"Tiny Vessels" - Death Cab For Cutie
"The Warmth" - Incubus
"A Rush Of Blood To The Head" - Coldplay
"Evil" - Interpol
"Headful Of Ghosts" - Bush
"Feeling Oblivion" - Turin Brakes
"Shortly Before The End" - OK Go
"Ruled By Secrecy" - Muse

In addition to this, I also want to have Interpol, Zero 7, and Muse write instrumental tracks / collaborate with the score. There will also be stark moments of silence.

4b. If they're already released songs, why did you pick these particular songs?

I have felt for a long time that "Make Yourself" would be ideal background music for the storyline of 1984, and after hearing "Absolution" I fit some tracks on that album into this dystopic conversation. I want to start out with songs that reflect the superficial and soulless nature of the society as well as rampant disconnection, and bring them, together with songs that clearly articulate what's going on in the political situation and plot. Interlaced are songs that work with the Winston/Julia storyline and its collapse ("Evil," "Feeling Oblivion," and "Shortly Before The End" - which will be played during a surreal scene involving the breaking of a beautiful glass paperweight and the invasion of the authorities). I thought closing with "Ruled By Secrecy" would be poignant.

RyTunes said...

1. The adaptation is "Angels And Demons". Dan Brown is a fun writer and the last adaptation did no justice.

2. Cast? Here we go...
Robert Langdon - Nathan Fillion
Langdon was described as having Harrison-like qualities. I personally find Harrison a little too old, but I think Nathan can pull it off.
Leonardo Vetra - Michael Caine
I don't know...I just see Caine in this kind of role.
Vittoria Vetra - Franka Potente
German and Swiss accents are slightly similar, and she has that "take-no-shit but still-somewhat-vulnerable" thing going on.
Carlo Ventresca - Alan Arkin
He could do it. There's just no question. I could do DaFoe but that's too easy.
Hassassin - Benicio Del Toro
Del Toro is good at playing the fucked up characters.
Maxamilian Kohler - Ben Kingsley
Would've done Patrick Stewart but figured he had enough time with wheelchairs.

3/4. The soundtrack would have some songs that were religious themed, some that were actionpacked, and some others. Most of the songs I picked have some indirect lyrical connection to the story. As well as a kickass score, probably Hans Zimmer.

The soundtrack itself is mostly full of already released songs:

Paloalto - Swim
Dredg - The Canyon Behind Her [also the trailer song]
Institute - When Animals Attack
A Perfect Circle - The Noose
Incubus - The Answer
Neverending White Lights - The Grace
Muse - Exo-Politics
Disturbed - Deify
Lacuna Coil - Our Truth
Live - Simple Creed [I think this would be used as the romantic ending song.]
The Cult - Black Angel
Korn - Coming Undone
Ours - Fallen Souls
Submersed - Hollow
Nine Inch Nails - Me I'm Not

But wait! There are new tracks from Tool featuring Tori Amos, Ozzy, and System Of A Down! A soundtrack like this begs for Ozzy, a Tool/Tori contribution with dark religious themes would be AMAZING, and System is always a pleasant surprise.

The soundtrack is meant to be intense and driving, with very few light moments - much like the book itself. I think this lineup covers that well.