February 19, 2007

The Year Zero Spectacle - Part II

Now there are hidden messages, secret websites, and a vision of the future. USA Today reports:

"There are secret codes on tour merchandise that lead to telephone numbers to websites to bathroom stalls with ... flash drives?" he writes. The NIN Hotline has been trying to keep up with all of the developments, and here's a list of some of the websites that have been found so far. There's no telling where all of this is going or whether it will end April 17, when Year Zero is released.
There's also the NinWiki and this entire forum dedicated to the meanings behind "Year Zero". The big event has been so debated and pored over that it has generated over 2000 Diggs.

MTV News sums it all up for us, talking about the viral marketing campaign and the alternate reality engine driving the promotion for the record. While it may all boil down to some cleverly planned and executed PR, you have to hand it to Trent and Co., they have created one hell of a story and the buzz to go along with it.

More on these developments as they unfold.

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