February 4, 2007

Super Sunday

If you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks or so, Bush is still President, the milk has gone bad, we are out of eggs, and tonight is the Super Bowl.

This Super Bowl is is being held in Miami, where the Indianapolis Colts are a seven point favorite to defeat the NFC Champion Chicago Bears. Both head coaches are great friends, Black, nice guys and great coaches. They are true peers (and the first Black head coaches to reach the Super Bowl.) Most of the betting is based off of two factors: the quarterbacks and the fact that the New England Patriots beat the Bears 17-13 during the regular season. It should be pointed out the the Colts beat the Patriots last week 38-34 and beat them during the regular season 27-20. So people are extrapolating that the Colts should be able to beat the Bears.

The quarterbacks are of no comparison, really. Peyton Manning of the Colts is arguably the best quaterback in the NFL. He is the first quaterback to lead his team to a 9-0 mark in back-to back-seasons (although this year the team barely got into double digit wins), holds numerous records and has barely missed any snaps in his nine year career, let alone a game. Rex Grossman, on the other hand, is an average quarterback at best, and an awful quarterback at worst. He has played a game where he did play better then me. I have never played college or professional ball, and if you can't play better then me, then that is a problem.

Those things being said, I should all mention that at the start of the year I picked the Colts to beat the Bears in the Super Bowl. My prediction for the Super Bowl is Bears 24 - Colts 20. So if you want to bet, bet against the spread.

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