February 18, 2007

QOTSA Preps Next Disc

Queens of the Stone Age (read: Josh Homme plus an assorted backing band of his choosing) have unveiled some tidbits about their next album, Billboard.com reports:

Queens Of The Stone Age are eyeing a June release for their next Interscope album, which is dubbed "Era Vulgaris," according to a post on the group's Web site. Purported song titles include "Into the Hollow," "Misfit Love," "Battery Acid" and "Sick, Sick, Sick."
But then Mr. Homme teases us that these may or may not be real, just a playful taunt from his sick mind, no doubt.

"Era Vulgaris" will be the follow-up to 2005's "Lullabies to Paralyze."

More details on this one as they come down the wire.

(Editor's Note: I apologize for my two week absence on the site. I just moved to NJ (yeah, wish me luck) and things have been kind of crazy around here. That and it took me awhile to get the Internet back. Thankfully, everything seems to be in working order now. Oh Internet, sweet Internet. More frequent updates, features, and surprises to come. Don't go anywhere.)

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