February 22, 2007

The GN'R Saga Keeps Getting More Interesting...

In the ever unfolding drama that is the professional life of the man whose name is an anagram for oral sex, Axl Rose, the latest development suggests the possibly imminent reunion of the original Guns lineup. In fact, original drummer Steven Adler recently spoke with Axl and had this to reveal, as Dotmusic (via Yahoo) reports:

"I saw Axl, talked with him from 10 or 12 at night to 8 in the morning. We resolved a lot of sh-t. I said, 'You know the five of us have to get back together! That's when it will really take off again! Nothing will be bigger. It would be the biggest reunion ever in history.'

"He just grinned and giggled a little bit," said Adler.

He concluded: "I've been talking with Slash. I've been talking with Izzy. He wants a reunion."
Don't believe it? Neither do I. But this rumor is not without merit. The official Guns N'Roses website reported on a recent show where original member Izzy Stradlin joined Axl onstage and jammed to several of the band's classic songs.

And as far as "Chinese Democracy" goes...Well, after the VH tour that never was got axed, so to speak, how much hope could there be for the album that's been delayed nearly 10 years? Every year it seems there must be the requisite VH and GNR rumors. As their acronyms have embedded themselves into our vernacular, accordingly disappointment has followed. Although it's not all bad. From the OS:
The good news is that all of the recording for the album has been completed. Drummer Frank Ferrer and guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal integrated themselves into the recordings seamlessly and will have their presence felt.

There is no official release date, as the band is currently mixing, but after some delays and scheduling difficulties, things appear to be moving along.

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Del James
Did anyone actually bet on March? Though the completion of the disc is certainly significant. I'm thinking we might have something to look forward to in another year (yeah, right).

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