February 16, 2007

February Festival! An Interactive Tournament

College athletes have March Madness. A time to watch their respective alma maters rise and fall like so many flans in an overcrowded cupboard. But there's nothing like that for music. Well, there's American Idol, but nothing like that for good music.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is about to change. I propose to you today a 64-band tournament to see who is the ruler of the roost. The way it works is this. We have a 6-round tournament over the next few Fridays. Between the two bands in each pairing, you get to pick which you like better. The bracket works like this:

Round 1 - The bands are divided up into songs with the same name. Not similar, the same. Here you get to pick which bands pull their titles off better.

Round 2 - The remaining bands will be examined and paired off based on different songs of the same or similar names.

Round 3 - Here we go into themes. Bands with the better song in their theme move on.

Round 4 - Here's where the brackets stop shuffling. Bands will be judged here on which band had the better first single. Please note that I am not talking better in any context other than personal preference. It's readers' choice for a reason.

Round 5 - Now we're down to 4 bands. The bands will be paired off, and two videos will be posted for each. You choose the better in each pair.

FINAL ROUND - I will post links of 5 songs spanning the catalog of each band. Pick which band is more consistently the better sounding. The winner will be chosen from here.

First bracket in the post to follow! Reply to each bracket post or the LJ feed (if you receive the feed) or just email me at freerangehuman@gmail.com with your choices each week! Most of all, have fun!

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