January 6, 2007

Videos 2006 Thread #2

The "Hey Look We Got a Director" Award: 30 Seconds to Mars - "The Kill"

This video was done rather well despite the band's poor acting skills. The premise for this video is good, but it could have been done better. I feel that I am clearly missing something about this video.

The "Let's Use an Old Gimmick But We'll Be Cool and Do it Our Way" Award: Kasabian - "Shoot the runner

This was well done, but I honestly wasn't moved by it at all. I had no real interest in watching this video again. It was cool to see the black and neon lights but I got over it.

The "Let's Use As Much Symbolism As We Can Crammed Into One Video" Award: Dixie Chicks - "Not Ready to Make Nice".

I like this video a lot, but there is all this symbolism to the point where it's like "argg, enough already". I got it, you were lambasted for making an anti-Bush comment and now most country fans won't buy your stuff. You wrote a song about it, you made a movie about it, you made a video about it and you filled all of them with symbolism. I've had enough.

The "Your Music Video is Just an Excuse For Us to See Your Pretty Face and For You to Dance With a Pretty Girl" Award: Justin Timberlake - "Sexy Back"

First off, why did somebody let sexy leave in the first place? Second of all, nothing brings sexy back like Justin "I'm too pretty for my testicles" Timberlake pretending to be a secret agent, a fact that isn't really known until the very end of the video. However this, video has everything you need to be good, including a token black person, sexy people wearing very little, and an explosion. Now if we could just get them to do this concept with a good song....

Video that Best Reflects the Artist: Kelly Clarkson - "Walk Away".

Nobody will really admit to be a Kelly Clakrson fan, yet she has sold 1,980,966 albums this year. Pretty good for they year's 10th best-selling album. And in this video you have different people lip synching to Kelly in various places and being ashamed of doing it. If that doesn't represent Kelly Clarkson then I don't know what does.

Best Costumes and Make-up: My Chemical Romance - "Welcome to the Black Parade".

They really look like people in a black parade.

Inside Joke Award: Blue October - "Hate Me".

Throughout the music video for "Hate Me," the lead singer is holding an answering machine. He is doing this because while he was in rehab his mom left him a message on his answering machine and then she died. The last thing he has of her is her voice and unless you're told that you won't know. Man, that is a really crappy joke.

Most Hyped Video: OK Go - "Here it Goes Again".

I didn't really think this video was anything special when I first saw it and I still really don't. The concept is nice and it's entertaining, but so is the idea of a penguins dancing on a horse. Had OK Go not been on the Colbert Report, I would never have seen this video. There was a lot of Internet buzz, but not a lot of sales or impact. Next year we'll have moved on to another video and we will have forgotten about this one. I doubt people will follow anything about this band. Some people like this video, but I don't particularly care for it.

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