January 11, 2007

Trent Reznor Reveals New NIN Album Details

From Blabbermouth.net:

In a recent interview with England's Kerrang! magazine, Reznor described the upcoming album's as "a collage of sound type of thing, not heavy in a metal guitar kind of way." He added, "With this record I feel a lot less concerned about what people think about it — especially the dying record industry. I couldn't care less about that right now." Reznor also revealed that the new effort is a concept album and "part of a bigger picture of a number of things I'm working on. Essentially I wrote the soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist."

Reznor said that most of the album was recorded "in hotel rooms around the world on laptops," with very few musicians beside himself and "maybe some surprise vocalists that pop up here and there."
And even more from Rolling Stone:
"I’ve got my confidence back. I feel stronger about what I have to say as an artist and I feel a lot less concerned about what people think about it…my best work’s ahead of me."
Reznor then goes on to rant some hate towards emo and finishes with this philosophical quip:
"I wonder about the person that’s in a band, the young kid who just got signed or is trying to get signed - why is he doing it? Is he trying to change the world and do something different and express himself…or is it because they want to fuck Paris Hilton and be photographed outside trendy restaurants?"
Deep thoughts from the mastermind of raging electro-metal. One thing is certain, Trent is fired up and we get to see the fuel behind the flames in just a few short months. I for one cannot wait.

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Laura said...

This sounds very interesting, especially the "soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist" part. It's really cool that he's focusing more on conceptual music and the upcoming album is part of a bigger picture. I look forward to updates on this.