January 15, 2007

Say "Hello" to your presidential candidate: Chris Dodd

So in 2008 we will be having another election for President. And unlike any election since 1928, no sitting official (President, Vice President, or Supreme Allied Commander of the world) will be running for president. Because of that, lots of people who don't have a real chance at winning will be running. Since there will be a lot of people running I think I'll introduce them to you. I will make no qualms about the fact that I am partisan and opinionated. I'll probably throw in some objectiveness to give you the upside or downside when needed. And our first person is the one who last announced his candidacy for president, Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd.

He has severed in Congress for 32 year,s with the past 26 of those in the U.S. Senate. The man has legislative and government experience.

He announced his presidential candidacy on the “Imus In the Morning” radio show. Many people don't really listen to his show, nor is it a hotbed of political talk.

On Friday Howard L. Reiter, head of the political science department at the University of Connecticut, offered his theory that Dodd may be hoping Clinton “stumbles” in her bid for the presidency — and early enough that Dodd would be able to capitalize on that in the competition for votes in the Democrat-rich Northeast region.

“But I think that’s a lot to hope for,” said Reiter, who cited name recognition and fundraising as Dodd’s highest hurdles.

Dodd has long wanted a higher office, but he has been blocked at each turn.

He was going to run in 2004 for the Democratic presidential nod, but was preempted when home state Senate colleague Joseph I. Lieberman announced. And he knew that if two senators ran from the same state they would just split each other's votes so he didn't run.

Dodd also explored a run for Senate minority leader against Democrat Harry Reid of Nevada, but Reid had already locked up support. In 1994, Dodd lost to Tom Daschle of South Dakota in an earlier try for the top Senate Democratic leadership post.

Early presidential preference polls have placed him well behind, well, basically everyone.

Vital Stats:

Christopher J. Dodd

• Democrat

• Senior Senator from Connecticut

• Residence: East Haddam

• Born: May 27, 1944 in Willimantic, Conn.

• Religion: Roman Catholic

• Family: Wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd; two children

• Education: Providence College, B.A. 1966; U. of Louisville, J.D. 1972

• Military Service: Army Reserve, 1969-75

• Career: Lawyer; Peace Corps volunteer

• Elected to the Senate: 1980 (now in 5th term)

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to say "Hello!" to Dodd. He is my candidate. I've seen a lot that I like from this man. Donut's dismissal of him as a candidate is full of holes -- take a minute and check him out: www.chrisdodd.com.