January 18, 2007

Rolling Stone competition: 10 Questions For Josh Homme

Those who have been keeping up with Above The Din have undoubtedly seen our admin talk about the reality show competition for a writing position with Rolling Stone, which led up to this week's challenge to viewers - a mock interview with a living musician. I too have submitted to this competition and the artist in question is Josh Homme.

Josh Homme (pronounced "Hommy") is the only constant in seminal stoner rock band Queens Of The Stone Age and has extended his hand to two of his own side projects (The Desert Sessions - a purely improvised rock compilation with many modern rockers that takes place at a secluded ranch - and the Eagles Of Death Metal) as well as assisting everyone from Mastodon to Foo Fighters, from Peaches to Local H. He was the perfect target for my assignment. So without further ado, ten questions which I would definitely bounce off of Joshua Homme.

Interview with Josh Homme

1. Hello Mr. Homme. Before we start I'd like to congratulate you on your daughter Camille, who turned a year old yesterday. Has this year of fatherhood changed your outlook on life?

2. As well as new lives you've had some partings prior to Queens' last album. Has it been different recording without Nick Olivieri?

3. I'd like to ask you about The Desert Sessions, which is unlike any other project in that it is completely improvised. How did you come up with the idea?

4. Is it true that you played for three days straight while stoned on mushrooms?

5. Queens and The Desert Sessions are rotating musicians; Eagles Of Death Metal are a steady band. Which experience do you find more gratifying?

6. What happened with Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves, and has that feud subsided or escalated?

7. I respect that you want some privacy concerning your instruments, so I won't ask you about that, but I will ask, is there any reason for the privacy?

8. How did you get the nickname "Baby Duck" provided to you by Eagles and Brody Dalle?

9. You've collaborated with everyone from A Perfect Circle to Peaches, as well as some lesser knowns. Is there any uncharted water, anyone with whom you'd still want to collaborate?

10. What lies in the immediate future for Queens Of The Stone Age?

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