January 7, 2007

Notable Music Videos of 2006: Thread 4

Alright folks, time to bring this show home. A big thanks to Doughnutman and RyTunes for their thoughts and their words. As you can see, there are some stringently different opinions from the various editors on the site, but that's just the way we like it. Unlike the U.S.A.'s current Administration, we embrace and try to foster a dialogue and discussion that incorporates multiple perspectives and points of view. Things are just more refreshing that way. So whatever your opinions might be on "Here It Goes Again" or any of the other videos recently mentioned here, they're always welcomed.

Okay, with that outta' the way, on to the final Big Ones of 06 (to borrow from Aerosmith a little):

The Most Underappreciated Award (for having an emotional impact and exploring mature themes in a convincing way, but without receiving widespread recognition) goes to:

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - "Face Down"

Domestic violence is a concern not often overtly addressed in many current rock songs ("Never Again" by Nickelback comes to mind, but not too many others). The fact that a seemingly typical punk/screamo band takes on the issue with such audacity and immediacy really moved me in an unexpected way. I have not personally been touched by the issue, but RJA made me really invest in the plight of the character through the use of their hyperbolic flying objects and raw presentation.

The Topical Issue of 2006 Award (for the video which best covered topics relevant to 2006 specifically, like Iraq and continuing Katrina fallout) goes to:

U2 with Green Day - "The Saints Are Coming"

Despite the excellence of Neil Young's "Living with War" which, as RyTunes so deftly pointed out, shocked and frightened us as the never-ending scroll of deceased soldiers rattled across the screen, I am picking the unlikely collaboration between Irish pop rockers and American opera punks (although Green Day does have a song about poprocks) for my topical video award. The reason for this is simple - the song's tragic irony, (the Saints indeed never came) conveyed with the unforgiving symbolism of images like Humanity Street literally buried under a wall of water, to me represent visual perfection. Good job Bono, Billie Joe, and everyone else. You ripped out my heart, but sometimes, especially in regards to this, it's a necessary act.

Best Creative Use of 'Music' Award (a silly category I created to credit a fun and enjoyable, but by no means earth-shattering, video) goes to:

Death Cab for Cutie - "Soul Meets Body"

Nothing too fancy or ostentatious here, but that is precisely what I love about this video. The 'journey of music,' as Ben Gibbard croons vocals about a "melody softly soaring through your atmosphere," is both artistically clever and satisfyingly splendid. I enjoyed this video mostly because it was sweet and vulnerable at the same time and sometimes that just hits the spot.

And finally,

Best Thing Justin Timberlake Has Done All Year (also possibly the best bit SNL did all year) goes to:

Justin Timberlake/SNL - "Dick In A Box"

Finally JT not taking himself too seriously and what's the result? Pure brilliance! Let's accept cheesy, overproduced, prepackaged, formulaic, mass produced, fast food pop for what it is, namely utterly and relentlessly ridiculous. There is of course the added slant of the man who boasts to having brought SexyBack with his FutureSex and LoveSounds having distilled what his songs are really about. Justin, you're not a secret agent and you're not gangsta (does anyone actually think "Alpha Dog" will do well?). You're a pretty boy who is just selling sex like every other pop floozy out there, so you might as well be as forthcoming and honest about it as can be. Thanks for taking the hint.

And final shout-outs to the second version of The Fray's "How to Save A Life" video for nailing the essence of its lyrics, Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" (British version) for rocking the minimalism, and of course Weird Al for his mad parodyin' skillz. I am not going to link these up, but you know where to find them if you're so inclined.

And so concludes the videos that were. Let's bring on the videos to be, when they arrive of course. Any early favorites of '07 yet, just a week in? Share 'em here (but remember, most videos in the current rotation premiered last year). Onto other pastures, we got some reviews comin' your way as well as the next installment of 'Better Know A Genre/Subgenre'. Keep it plugged right here.

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