January 14, 2007

My Bad

I forget sometimes that not everyone thinks the way I do. So in my last political article I wrote that the Democrats should force President George W. Bush to veto bills and force Mitch McConnell to filibuster bills. What am I talking about? Here is a short list.

Minimum Wage

When it is fully implemented in the next two years, wages for the lowest paid workers will catch up to where they should have been since the end of President Clinton's first term.

Minimum Wage on the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Right now the CNMI, which is an American territory, is not subject to any sort of formal economic standards and practice law. Sweat shops, sexual abuse and fraud are prevalent. The Republicans have been blocking law for a decade to end this amazingly large loophole.

Stem Cell Research

Bush has said that he will veto any increase to stem cell funding.

Verified Voting

McConnell has said he will filibuster any attempt to force voting booth makers to have to show the public their code and to force them to have a paper trail for recounts.

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