January 18, 2007

More Mock Rock Interviews

Ya know, after completing the Rolling Stone assignment I thought about their scenario a bit more carefully:

In 300 words or less, write ten insightful questions you'd like to ask a living artist or band. Make sure to identify the artist/band that is the subject of your interview.
While living artists certainly continue to be compelling and worth writing about, what if we took some time to look back at the numerous greats who have departed from this world, so many of them before their time? So here's s new challenge:

"What questions (let's say 3 max to keep this simple) would you ask any deceased artist or band?"

Here's mine:

Artist: John Lennon
Question: How would you describe the power of music to empower people as catalysts of social and political change?

Post yours in the comments.


Doughnutman said...

Dear Kurt Cobain,

Who killed you?

Coz said...

Haha indeed!

You should have posted to that to the main page.

Don't we all want to know?