January 31, 2007

Listen to Klaxons' Full Album

U.K. buzz band Klaxons, who are climbing the British charts with their debut album "Myths of the Near Future" and have one of the trippiest sites on the Internet, have brought their rave-pop sound to the Internet, courtesy of NME. All you have to do is create a free account on NME's website and then go here to launch their media player and stream "Myths" in its entirety. Then, if you're hungry for more Klaxons and I am sure you will be, you can scope out their MySpace and check out some videos on YouTube.

Additionally, NME exclusively brings you the new video for RHCP's "Desecration Smile."Is it just me or does one of the dudes in the video look remarkably like SexyBack himself, Justin 'Alpha Dog' Timberlake? Is that supposed to be Frusciante? Because it really looks like Justin. Then again, Chili's drummer Chad Smith does bear a remarkable resemblance to Will Ferrell, so maybe it's just a Peppers' thing. Seriously though, we might have to enter John into a lookalike contest with that kind of Justin mojo.

Know of any other musicians who just happen to be the doppleganger of another celeb? Post 'em.

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