January 19, 2007


In 300 words or less, write ten insightful questions you'd like to ask a living artist or band. Make sure to identify the artist/band that is the subject of your interview.

Sean Danielsen is the singer and lead guitarist of the band Smile Empty Soul and he will be answering some questions today.

1. So Sean, why did you guys sign onto Bieler Bros. Records, a small independent label, when you could have signed with a major label?

2. What was the real reason for the departure of drummer Dominic Weir?

3. Will you ever release "Anxiety"? Why not?

4. Who is better to tour with, Crossfade or Seether?

5. Are you still anti-war?

6. Are you for other liberal politics?

7. Have you seen any of the fan videos posted on the Internet and do you have a favorite?

My personal favorite is This is War!

8. Do you use your MySpace at all?

9. If you weren't a rock star what would you do?

10. Where does the band go from here?

"What questions (let's say 3 max to keep this simple) would you ask any deceased artist or band?"

I would talk to Kurt Cobain and ask him,
"Who killed you?"

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