January 30, 2007

Green is the color of cool

Since we're all about music and activism here at AtD, we try to highlight whenever there is some serious rocking for a good cause, like this one (from NME):

Perry Farrell, John Densmore of The Doors and actor Josh Hartnett helped launch the Global Cool campaign today at simultaneous press conferences in Los Angeles and London.

These artists join a host of others including Kasabian, The Killers, KT Tunstall and Scissor Sisters who are involved in promoting Global Cool's mission to "save the planet" by encouraging individuals to reduce their carbon emissions by 10 billion tons over 10 years.
A bold goal. How exactly can we go about it?
Global Cool encourages individuals to reduce their energy consumption by doing simple things each day such as turning out lights, unplugging mobile phone chargers, and turning down heating by one degree.

"A little done by a lot of people adds up to a hell of a lot," said Global Cool CEO Julian Knight.
Hit up Global-Cool.com for a whole lot more, including a slew of creative ways you too can be cool.

Meanwhile, for you college types think.mtv wants you to break the addiction. Participate in the Campus Climate Challenge to win a 100% clean energy policy at your school. And there are more reasons to get involved than just to meet cool people and do good work. MTV is offering big rewards for individuals and schools that rise up to the challenge. The grand prize is an MTV eco-renovation of your school’s student lounge or other hang space valued at up to $10,000.

MTV also has a feature which let's you see how green your campus is, along with a ton of info, resources, and an even an eco-action center. So what are you waiting for? The planet can't wait for us, so let's do what needs to be done right now before it's too late.

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