January 23, 2007

Early 2007 New Album Blitz

Here is a resource list of notable bands releasing albums over the next 6 months, in release date order (with links to news stories):

Explosions In The Sky - "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone" (Feb. 20)
Albert Hammond, Jr. (of the Strokes) - "Yours to Keep" (March 6)
Korn - "MTV Unplugged" (featuring Amy Lee and Robert Smith) (March 6)
Joss Stone - "Introducing Joss Stone" (March 20)
Patti Smith - [as yet untitled covers album] (Late March/Early April)
Fountains of Wayne - "Traffic and Weather" (April 3)
Chevelle - "Vena Sera" (April 3)
Bright Eyes - "Cassadega" (April 9)
Dinosaur Jr. - "Beyond" (May 1)
Rufus Wainwright - "Release The Stars" (May)
Satellite Party (Perry Farrell's new band) - "Ultra Payloaded" (May 15)
Wilco - "Sky Blue Sky" (May 15)
Bjork - [as yet untitled] (Late Spring) Note: The album was produced by the ever prolific Timbaland and features the previously featured Toumani Diabate on kora)
Smashing Pumpkins - [as yet untitled] (Late Spring/Early Summer)
Jimmy Eat World - [as yet untitled] (Early Summer)

And all of this, of course, is in addition to new efforts from Bloc Party, The Arcade Fire, NIN et al, already featured on the site. And even this is just a sampling of the crop of what can be expected by the summer of '07. These simply happen to be a bunch of the ones we're all looking forward too.

We know your ears are...crying? thirsting? Whatever it is ears do in uncontrolled anticipation of something, so let us have it! What are we missing here that is sure to make your year-end top 10 list? What sure-to-be fine artistic achievement will you be swaggering to in just a matter of months?

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