January 12, 2007

The Arcade Fire Stay Hot

Win Butler and Co. just cannot seem to stay out of the news these days, pesky buggers that they are. First Stereogum reports on another leaked track from the cultishly anticipated "Neon Bible." This time it's "My Body Is A Cage," and the 'gum was kind enough to provide lyrics to interested early listeners.

Next up is one from the comments and simply states, "The video for black wave/bad vibrations is at youtube. http://youtube.com/watch?v=1LZ9z71ErWA." Unfortunately, the poster is anonymous so I can't give them any more credit than that (stand up and be lauded!) But hey, it's great to see someone come out from the woodwork, so welcome, please stay, make yourself at home, and for anyone else out there, don't be a stranger now, ya'hear? Also, be sure and check out the video!

Finally, as RS points out, Arcade Fire tickets are selling like hotcakes (during a hotcake shortage). These things last even shorter than your average celebrity fling. All of this on the heels of selling out their 5 NYC church dates within minutes. Can this train be stopped?

Whoops, I lied. More AF tidbits. The Neon Bible website the band setup for the album's release is now accessible from arcadefire.com. Go there for the lovable weirdness and some goodies. Finally the album is now available for preorder in CD, Deluxe CD, and Vinyl. The Deluxe version includes two 32-page flip books designed by the band, and the Vinyl comes with a coupon for a free MP3 download of "Neon Bible"! Also you can peep the album artwork.

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