December 27, 2006

Thank God we got the criminals, and America got the Puritans!, Australian folk song.

Music and sex go together like chocolate and strawberries. Both are good apart, but they complement each other so well. And thanks to our First Amendment they can been seen and have been seen for a long time.

I believe that the real sexuality of music started in the 1950s with Elvis.
Elvis descended on American culture like a cataclysm. The impact scar was a deep-running schism between those who feared and hated him for the loosening of social strictures he represented, and those who thought, "I don’t know, what’s so wrong, let the boy wiggle when he sings."

We must thank Elvis for his impact on America and especially music. He took the use of the television and sexuality in music to a whole new level. We have free speech to thank for him and for his critics. It's one of those double-edged swords that you get freedom of expression and people who think that speech is wrong. Anyway, acts like Elvis helped music evolve and helped break cultural boundries.

Watch the performance

Madonna has done nearly everything you can do as a Super Star: Rock Star, Movie Star and top selling author. Madonna took sexuality to a whole new level. Madonna helped revolutionize the music video business by making people want to watch, make and buy music videos. She took female sexuality in music to a whole new level.

In my humble opinion, Madonna took sexuality to the second level in the music industry. Women could use their sexuality to sell records and people would respond by buying them, often in bulk. Madonna helped pave the way for the Britney's and Christina's, not to mention those boy bands of the 90s. Sex sells.

The third stage of sexuality in music I think was the addition of male sexuality. With the success of woman artists, they started using their new status to have male dancers and actors in their videos. Men were not really used as eye candy before this, but now it not unusual to see a hot male actor vying for a lead woman's affection in a video.

The third stage is where we are now, where people have real musical talent and real sex appeal. There are entire acts created just to make money using sex and singing ability, but there are still artists who aren't the best looking but who have fans. After Madonna there were notable cases of artists not signed because they were ugly and videos of bands were shot differently to highlight prettier members. Now we have acts that are sexy and acts that are not. For the most part, bands don't really try to do what you wouldn't expect them to do. Or if they do they fail miserably, like Jewel recently did.

I probably should have put a bit more thought into this, but I did try, so what do you think?

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