December 12, 2006

The Beatles go Intergalactic

But not like the Beastie Boys did with their classic 90's funkatronic hit. As many of you probably are already aware, the Shuttle Discovery successfully lifted off on Sunday after being delayed a day by inclement weather conditions. Thankfully the mission is now going ahead as planned and what better way to celebrate a successful launch than this:

They woke up on their first morning in zero gravity to a transmission from Houston of The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun," an allusion by flight control to how the shuttle lit up the nighttime sky during its ascent Saturday.

"Good morning, Discovery. We especially want to thank you for the burst of sunshine you brought into our lives last night. It was an awesome launch," Shannon Lucid from Mission Control radioed up to the crew.

"It was pretty great for all of us, too," Polansky responded.

I'd say. A great first day for Discovery while at the same time the Beatles go truly universal, their ageless tunes trickling through the galaxy with the same unforgettable melody and sweet, satisfying energy that revolutionized the world and catapaulted rock and roll forever into fame and glory.

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