December 15, 2006

And Maybe Tomorrow, I'll Find My Way Home.

According to an article on, Nine Inch Nails are possibly coming out with a new album. While this writer doesn't like to go off "possibly" (Hey Axl, where is "Chinese Democracy"? Is Sebastian done borrowing it yet?), Reznor has this to report:
"'Juggling fifteen all-new tracks around. Testing sequences. No leftovers from With Teeth' he writes on the band’s site. 'Highly conceptual. Quite noisy. Fucking cool.'" (

Don't get too excited. Bands have scrapped entire albums that they thought they were happy with. And sometimes rabid fans (or detractors) make off with the recordings. Ask Dave Matthews Band and Green Day. But, we may see a new NIN sometime next year.

More news and rants to come. Stay Tuned!

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